Data Backup and Restoration

    Periodically backing up the database is very essential, as it helps you restore NetFlow Analyzer service back during planned maintenance as well as unplanned mishaps. NetFlow Analyzer database contains the following data:

    Configuration data: There are quite a few configurations an administrator effects in NetFlow Analyzer or easy management and monitoring. The configurations include user settings, details of discovered devices, custom monitors, threshold settings, notification profiles, etc. Most configuration data is persisted in the database while a few configurations are written in conf files.  So when you backup configuration data, you must take care to back up the ones you need.



    Backup & restoration steps for NetFlow Analyzer build 12300 and above


    Following table lists the backup utilities bundled with NetFlow Analyzer and their purpose. Make sure you use the one that fits your backup need: 

    S.No Utility Path Database Purpose

    BackupDB.bat (for windows) (for linux)

    OpManager\bin\backup MSSQL | PGSQL This utility does a backup of the configuration.



    To restore the backed up data,

    1. Go to <OpManager Home>/bin/backup directory
    2. Execute RestoreDB.bat (use for linux) with the backup file name as argument. See example below:
      C:\<OpManager Home>\bin\backup>RestoreDB.bat "OpManager\backup\"

    To restore the backed up data for MSSQL

    1. Go to <OpManager Home>/bin/backup directory
    2. Restore the data using RestoreDB.bat present under OpManager/bin/backup directory and restart OpManager.

          For ex : C:\<OpManager Home>\bin\backup>RestoreDB.bat "c:\OpManager\backup\"