Configuring AppFlow Export


    The configuration of AppFlow on the Citrix Netscaler contains following sections:

    1. AppFlow Feature Enabling

    2. AppFlow Settings

    3. Adding AppFlow Collector

    4. Creating AppFlow Action

    5. Creating AppFlow Policies

    6. Appending the Policy created Globally or individual Virtual Servers.


    The configuration steps for AppFlow on the Citrix Netscaler is as follows:

    Netscaler# enable feature AppFlow

    Netscaler# set appflow param -httpUrl ENABLED -httpReferer ENABLED -httpMethod ENABLED -httpHost

    ENABLED -httpUserAgent ENABLED -clientTrafficOnly YES

    Netscaler# add appflow collector "NetFlow Analyzer" -IPAddress - port 9996

    Netscaler# add appflow action af_act_netflowanalyzer -collectors "NetFlow Analyzer"

    Netscaler# add appflow policy af_pol_log-all true af_act_NetFlowAnalyzer

    Netscaler# bind system global -policyName af_pol_log-all -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression