Cisco 1941 & Cisco 3945 Configuration

    You can perform Cisco 1941 & Cisco 3945 configuration using the following steps:

    ip flow-export destination <NFA Server IP> 9996
    ip flow-export source {any l3 interface} //loopback interface of the device
    ip flow-export version 5
    ip flow-cache timeout active 1
    ip flow-cache timeout inactive 15

    Enable "ip flow ingress" command on all the layer 3 interfaces.

    Huawei 6810

    Under System-view: 

    sflow collector 1 ip port 9996 description netserver
     sflow agent ip 

    Under each interface : 

    For example: 

    Interface GE0/0/1 
    sflow counter-sampling collector 1
    sflow counter-sampling interval 30
    sflow flow-sampling collector 1 
    sflow flow-sampling rate 1024 

    Note: In some cases, Cisco 3900/3945 doesn't support NetFlow v9 flow. Users can configure NetFlow v5 from the following link