Cisco 3650 IOS Switch Configuration

    You can perform Cisco 3650 IOS Switch configuration using the following steps:

    config t
    flow record NFArecord
    match ipv4 tos
    match ipv4 protocol
    match ipv4 source address
    match ipv4 destination address
    match transport source-port
    match transport destination-port
    match interface input
    collect interface output
    collect counter bytes long
    collect counter packets long
    collect timestamp absolute first
    collect timestamp absolute last

    flow exporter NFAexporter
    destination {NETFLOW_SERVER_IP}
    template data timeout 60

    flow monitor NFAmonitor
    exporter NFAexporter
    record NFArecord
    timeout active 60
    timeout inactive 60

    Enter global configuration mode on the router or MSFC, and issue the following commands for each interface on which you want to enable flow:
    interface {INTERFACE_NAME}
    ip flow monitor NFAmonitor input