Cisco 4506 Configuration

    You can use the below commands to configure the Cisco 4506.

    config t

    flow record NFArecord

    match ipv4 version

    match ipv4 tos

    match ipv4 protocol

    match ipv4 source address

    match ipv4 destination address

    match transport source-port

    match transport destination-port

    match interface input

    collect interface output

    collect counter bytes

    match application names

    collect counter packets

    collect timestamp sys-uptime first

    collect timestamp sys-uptime last

    flow exporter NFAexporter

    destination {ip address}

    Export-protocol version-9

    transport udp 9996

    transport udp 9996

    option application-table timeout 60

    flow monitor NFAmonitor

    record NFArecord

    expoter NFAexporter

    source {interface name}

    cache timeout active 60

    cache timeout inactive 15

    Once configured, apply the below command to all the L3 interface:

    ip flow monitor NFAmonitor input

    You should be able to see the device discovered under the Flow Analysis. Please refer the below link to do SNMP update to get the interface named and Device name: