Cisco vEdge-1000b and vEdge-100b Configuration

    You can perform Cisco vEdge-1000b and vEdge-100b configuration using the following steps:

    Cisco vEdge-1000b and vEdge-100b
    policy cflowd-template NFA-cflowd-template
    collector vpn 1 address {NETFLOW_SERVER_IP} port {NETFLOW_SERVER_LISTENER_PORT} transport-type transport_udp source-interface {LOOPBACK_INTERFACE_NAME}
    flow-active-timeout 30
    flow-inactive-timeout 60
    template-refresh 90

    Create a list of VPNs whose traffic you want to monitor:

    policy lists vpn-list vpn_1 vpn 1

    Create a list of sites to apply the data policy to:

    policy lists site-list cflowd-sites site-id {SITE_IDS}

    Configure the data policy itself:

    policy data-policy NFA-cflowd-policy
    vpn-list vpn_1
    sequence 1
    match protocol 6
    action accept cflowd
    default-action accept

    Apply the policy and the cflowd template to sites in the overlay network:

    apply-policy site-list cflowd-sites data-policy NFA-cflowd-policy
    apply-policy site-list cflowd-sites cflowd-template NFA-cflowd-template

    Activate the data policy:

    exit configuration-mode