DLink Configuration

    The following set of commands have to be applied on DLink Devices to enable sFlow export:

    enable sflow
    create sflow analyzer_server owner {timeout [ | collectorport | maxdatagramsize }
    create sflow counter_poller ports [ | all] analyzer_server_id {interval [disable | ]}
    config sflow counter_poller ports [ | all] interval [disable | ]

    Example for DLink:

    enable sflow
    create sflow analyzer_server 1 owner MENFA {timeout infinite collector address <> collector port <9996>
    - is NFA server IP, 9996 is sFlow listener port and datagram size is set at default of 1400
    create sflow flow_sampler ports all analyzer_server_id 1 rate 20 - Here, the actual rate is the configured rate value multiplied by 256. For example, if the rate is 20, the actual rate 5120.
    create sflow counter_poller ports all analyzer_server_id 1 interval 60