Configuring sflow on HP Aruba 2920 (J9726A)


    The HP 2920 series switches are sFlow capable, but they do not support sFlow while the OOBM (Out-of-Band-Management) port is enabled. The following commands will help you with sFlow configuration.

    1. Disable OOBM (at least until HP releases a firmware update that fixes this). If you configure sFlow with the OOBM port enabled, but no flows will be sent.  Log in from the console port and use the following command to disable OOBM:
      no oobm ip address
    2. Setup the management IP address on a VLAN, so that the sFlow data can reach your NTA server with the VLAN it's a member of.
      vlan 1 ip address
    3. Point sFlow to your NFA collector server. The default port is 9996.
      sflow 1 destination 9996
    4. Setup the interface you want to pull from, and the sampling and polling rates/intervals. The sampling rate can be 50-16441700. The lower the number, the more packets sampled.
       sflow 1 sampling 23 50
       sflow 1 polling 23 20
    5. Do a write memory so that it persists reboots.