Sophos XG125 Firewall Configuration

    You can follow the below steps to configure NetFlow in the Sophos XG125 firewall.

    Please ensure that the listener port is same in both the product and Sophos device (eg.9996), and Logging is enabled for all the firewall rules.

    • Enter the Netflow Server name.
    • Enter the Netflow server IP/domain. You can enter IPv4 or IPv6 addresses.
    • Enter the Netflow server port number (UDP port). Records are sent to the Netflow server over the specified port. Default: 2055

    Post configuration, you can discover your device by navigating to Inventory > Devices or Network > Flow Analysis

    For any technical support or troubleshooting, contact our support team via chat panel or send an email to Visit Sophos help guide for any device-specific information.