Enabling sFlow


    How do I enable sFlow ?

    If your device supports sFlow, then you will have to enable sFlow on each of the interfaces that you want to collect flow statistics on.

    Enabling sFlow on various devices

    Foundry Networks switch



    foundry2402#configure terminal

    foundry2402(config)# interface ethernet 10

    foundry2402(config-if-e100-10)#sflow forwarding

    foundry2402(config)# sflow enable

    foundry2402(config)# sflow destination 9996

    foundry2402(config)# sflow sample 256

    foundry2402(config)# sflow polling-interval 10


    Important Please note that the part in red has to be repeated for each interface individually.

    For more information on Foundry devices configuration refer to www.foundrynet.com

    Force10 switch



    force#configure terminal

    force(config-interface)#sflow enable 

    [ This command has to be repeated for all interfaces. ] 

    force(config)#sflow destination 9996 agent-addr

    force(config)# sflow sample 256

    force(config)# sflow polling 10

    For more information on Force10 devices refer to www.force10networks.com


    Extreme Networks switch

    Please refer to the following documentation for configuring sFlow on Extreme Networks switch

    extreme#enable sflow port 2

    For more information on Extreme Network devices refer to www.extremenetworks.com


    Hewlett-Packard ProCurve switches



    hp#configure terminal

     sflow 1 sampling A1,A2,A2 256 [ sflow 1 sampling ]

    hp# sflow 1 destination 9996

    The above commands work only on latest HP devices.

    sFlow can be enabled on some of the HP switches only through SNMP. We provide two script files for enabling and disabling sFlow on HP switch.

    The script files SFlowEnable.bat / SFlowEnable.sh and SFlowDisable.bat / SFlowDisable.sh are present under  /troubleshooting folder.

    For enabling sFlow you need to provide the below command:

    SFlowEnable.bat switchIp snmpPort snmpWriteCommunity collecorIP collectorPort samplingRate

    An example,

    sFlowEnable.bat Hp2824 161 private 9996 256

    For disabling sFlow you need to provide the below command:

    sFlowDisable.bat switchIp snmpPort snmpWriteCommunity

    An example,

    sFlowDisable HpProcurve 161 private

    For more information on HP devices refer to www.hp.com