Dashboard AS View


The Autonomous System View displays information on all the autonomous systems (AS) to which a router belongs, along with traffic details for each AS.


Note In order to get AS info in this view, you need to configure your router to include AS info. AS information collection is resource intensive, especially when configured for origin-AS. In case you are not interested in monitoring peering arrangements, disabling AS collection may improve NetFlow Analyzer performance.


The Router List displays each router along with the AS to which it belongs. Click on the AS Name to view the traffic report for that AS. The Dashboard also shows the organization to which the AS belongs, and the amount of incoming and outgoing traffic for the past one hour.


You can select the time period for which you need to see the AS data from the dropdown "Select Period".


The AS data can also be sorted as IN or OUT traffic. You can opt to see only the top n AS by selecting the relevant number from the dropdown.


The purpose of icons and buttons in the Router List are explained below.


Icon/ Button Purpose
expand Click this icon, or on the router name, to view the autonomous systems to which this router belongs
collapse Click this icon to hide the AS corresponding to a router

Click this icon before the router name to change the display name of the device, its SNMP community string, or its SNMP port


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