Various Reports in WAAS


You can find the WAAS reports of each router in the index page of the NetFlow Analyzer. Here, the routers that are mapped to a specific WAE along with router's IP address, peer WAE volume of LAN, WAN traffic and its reduction percentage can be viewed. Click on the router name to view the detailed statistics optimized traffic, application, and connections of the router selected.

WAAS reports

Optimized Traffic: Details the percentage of traffic that is WAN and LAN traffic in the specified time period. The WAN traffic denotes optimized traffic whereas LAN traffic denotes unoptimized traffic.

Optimized Traffic Report

Optimized Application: This shows the NetFlow Application Traffic for the mapped WAE application in the selected time period. Click on the application to view the graphical representation of traffic against time.

Optimized Applications

Optimized Connections: Lists the conversations that passed through the selected WAE device and their corresponding statistics.

Optimized Connections


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