How to add a new site map?

    NetFlow Analyzer supports top sites out of the box with its port and protocol. However, if you have custom internal site, follows steps below:

    Faster troubleshooting with advanced Forensics

    1. Navigate to Settings > NetFlow > Mappings > Top Sites
    2. Click on "Add" 
    3. Enter the site name 
    4. Select the application name
    5. Select the IP Address / IP Network / IP range and specify the details
    6. Click on "save" 

    How to delete mapped site?

    Faster troubleshooting with advanced Forensics

    Click on the Delete icon under "Actions" to delete the site permanently.

    How to edit an existing site?

    It is possible to edit the name of the site. If you want to change the application name mapped, delete the site and add it as a new site.