Google Maps

    NetFlow Analyzer allows you to integrate Google Maps and place the devices on the maps according to the geographic distribution. Please refer to the Google licensing terms and pricing plans before you proceed further.

    How to configure Google maps

    1. Download this file to your desktop.
    2. Extract the downloaded zip and open maps.html file in any script editor.
    3. Update the Google API key as shown below. (Visit this page generate an API key)

      <script type="text/javascript" src="//"Your-API-Key"> </script>

    4. Once you have updated the key, upload the updated maps.html.

    How to add devices on the Google Map

    1. Now, zoom in/out the map and double-click on the location where you want to place a discovered device.
    2. A device list box pops up allowing you to select a device to be placed in that location.
    3. Select the device and click on Add.
    4. Add the required devices on to the map by double-clicking the location.
    5. You can also add the devices to the map from the device snapshot page.
    6. Go to the device snapshot page.
    7. Click on Add to Map link in the page to add the device to the map.