How to fetch device details with SNMP?

    NetFlow Analyzer gets the device name, interface name and interface speed with SNMP configured on the device. We use the Read-only SNMP community configured in the device. You have to do SNMP update for devices in NetFlow Analyzer UI to get the correct names and speed updated.

    To fetch a name for a device with the help of SNMP, you need to associate the SNMP credentials.

    Associate the SNMP credentials to device(s):

    1. Navigate to Devices
    2. Click on the device(s) to associate the SNMP credentials
    3. Click on right configuration icon three-dots and select "Associate Credentials"
    4. If you need to add custom SNMP credential, click on add credentials icon plus-cir
      1. Select SNMP v1/v2 or SNMP v3
      2. For SNMP v1/v2, provide Profile name and description
      3. Provide SNMP Read and Write Community
      4. Provide SNMP port, time out and retries
      5. Click on default if required
      6. Click save
    5. Select the appropriate credentials and click on Test and Associate.
    6. Click on Ok once the SNMP credential is successfully associated.



    Another way of adding SNMP to a device is from Set SNMP option given in device snapshot page.

    Edit device details manually

    To edit the details for any particular device, click on Edit Device from the menu. There are 3 ways of editing device details:

    1. Enter the device display name
    2. Fetch name from router
    3. From DNS.