How to increase the top record count for aggregated data? 

    By default the top N record count for aggregated data in NetFlow Analyzer is set as 100. It is possible to change the storage of top N record count from Settings.

    Faster troubleshooting with advanced Forensics

    1. Click Settings > NetFlow > Storage Settings
    2. Under Aggregated Data, click on "Count Of Top Records to Store" to increase the top N record count.
    3. The data can be retained forever or last 2 years/1 year/9 months/6 months/3 months/2 months/1 month. The data can also be retained only once which further allows the user to select the date and time of their preference.

    Note: The record count can be increased up to 300.

    How to manage historic data storage?

    To manage historical data, navigate to Aggregated data under storage settings and select "Retain data".

    Faster troubleshooting with advanced Forensics

    By default, the aggregated data is retained "Forever" in NetFlow Analyzer. You can change it to Last month, Last 2 months, Last 3 months, Last 6 months, Last 9 months, Last years and Last 2 years.