How to schedule a report in NetFlow Analyzer?

    Schedule Report Image

    1. Navigate to Reports > NetFlow > Schedule.
    2. Click on "Add Schedule".
    3. Select the source tab - Interface/IP Group/Interface Group/Access Point/Access Point Group/SSID Group.
    4. Enter the "Schedule name" and "Description".
    5. Choose the "Report Type".
    6. The scheduled report can be exported in either PDF or CSV format.
    7. Using the "Recurrence Details" tab, you can choose to export reports Once, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.
    8. You can also set the following parameters:
      • Time Zone
      • Generate report for the period
      • Time/date for the report to be generated on
      • Business hour filters
      • Exclude weekends
    9. Mail notification can also be enabled. The Mail Subject and Message can be customized and the number of files per mail can be limited according to your preference.
    10. After setting the required parameters, click save.