How to start/stop/restart NetFlow Generator service?


    Since NetFlow Generator is a service that runs in the background, its running state can be checked in the Task Manager under the services tab.
    You can right click on the NetFlowGenerator service to start/stop/restart the NetFlow Generator service.


    bash ./nfg_service status - to check the current status of NetFlow Generator
    bash ./nfg_service stop - to stop the NetFlow Generator service
    bash ./nfg_service start - to start the NetFlow Generator service
    bash ./nfg_service restart - to restart the NetFlow Generator service

    How to find the NetFlow Generator Installation Key?

    1. Navigate to Settings > NetFlow > NetFlow Generator.
    2. On the top right corner you'll be able to see the NetFlow Generator Installation Key.
    3. You can view the key by clicking the nfg-view view icon and copy it by clicking the nfg-copy copy icon.
    4. You can also regenerate a new key by clicking the nfg-regenerate reload icon.

    How to re-configure NetFlow Generator installations if NetFlow Analyzer is re-installed in a new server?

    You need to edit the following in file under "NetFlowGenerator/conf/NFG" folder:

    1. Copy and paste new INSTALLATION_KEY from the NetFlow Analyzer’s Settings > NetFlow > NetFlow Generator Details page.
    2. Change SERVER_IP property with new NetFlow Analyzer server IP.
    3. If there is a change in web port and protocol of new NetFlow Analyzer installation, then need to change WEB_PORT property and IS_HTTPS property respectively.
    4. Delete UNIQUE_ID and NFG_ID completely (entire lines) from the Conf file and restart NetFlow Generator service.
    5. The same NetFlow Generator will get discovered in the new NetFlow Analyzer installation.