Before setting up NetFlow Analyzer in your enterprise, ensure that the following are taken care of.

Ports Required

NetFlow Analyzer requires the following ports to be free:


Port Name Default Port Number Usage
Web server port 8080

This is the port on which you will connect to the NetFlow Analyzer server from a web browser. You can change this at any time from the Settings tab.

NetFlow Listener port 9996 This is the port on which NetFlow exports are received from routers. You can change this at any time from the Settings tab.
MySQL port 13310 This is the port used to connect to the MySQL database in NetFlow Analyzer. Changing this port requires configuration level changes.

Recommended System Setup

Apart from the System Requirements, the following setup would ensure optimal performance from NetFlow Analyzer.

Changing the Default MySQL Port

  1. Edit the database_params.conf file present in the <NetFlowAnalyzer_Home>/conf directory.
  2. Change the port number in the following line to the desired port number:

  3. Save the file and restart the server.
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