Key Features


NetFlow Analyzer comes pre-loaded with a host of features that provide in-depth bandwidth usage statistics and let you drill down to see more details about a specific host, application, or conversation. NetFlow Analyzer also includes other administrative options that help in managing enterprise networks with ease.


The following are some of the key features of this release.



Feature Description
Threshold-based Alerting Set up alerts based on link utilization and send emails or SNMP Traps when thresholds are exceeded.
Raw Data for Troubleshooting Retain raw data for longer time periods (up to 2 weeks) to enable increased visibility into traffic data for troubleshooting and alerts. 
IP Address Grouping Group IP addresses and address ranges into departments or otherwise, and monitor bandwidth usage individually. You can also specify interfaces when creating IP groups to further filter traffic details for an IP group.
Localized Versions NetFlow Analyzer supports French, German, and Spanish along with Chinese and Japanese.
Web-based interface View the status of your links, and generate reports from just a web browser
Auto discovery of routers

Configure NetFlow export on your router, and see it automatically added on the Dashboard

Traffic Graphs

View instant graphs of bandwidth utilization per network interface. Graphs can be viewed based on traffic volume (Kb), traffic rate (bps), or percentage utilization of the link.

Historical Reports

Generate daily, weekly, monthly, and custom time period bandwidth reports showing current, average, and peak traffic patterns

Traffic Profiling

View bandwidth reports for top applications, top hosts, and top conversations

Consolidated Reports

View bandwidth reports per interface, showing complete bandwidth utilization details

Device grouping

Categorize NetFlow devices into logical groups and monitor them exclusively

Traffic configuration

Identify most standard applications out-of-the-box and configure custom applications

User management

Add users with different privileges, assign device groups, and selectively allow access

SNMP Settings

Retrieve device information using SNMP, or configure custom interface descriptions



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