Consolidated Reports


Consolidated reports let you see all the traffic details for an interface or IP group at a glance. You can then print this report or save it as a PDF file.


Click the Consolidated Report link to see all traffic details for an interface at one glance. The same report can be accessed from the Global Dashboard by clicking on the Report icon beside an interface or an IP group.


The source list box list box lets you select an IP Group, Interface, or Interface Group to generate reports. You can choose to generate hourly, daily or reports based only on business hours. The custom selection option allows you to generate reports on desired time period. Use the Calendar icon to customise time period. You can also select to view either top 10 ot top 5 applications to view.


Selet the appropriate report you want to generate from the given reports. You can generate reports on Application IN/OUT, Source IN/OUT, and Destination IN/OUT.

From here, you can the export as a PDF, CSV file or email or print it by clicking the Print Print icon.

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