License Information


    • Free Edition - collect, analyze, and report on Netflow data for a upto two interfaces with limited features
    • Essential Edition - collect, analyze, and report on Netflow data for a maximum of n interfaces (where 'n' is the number of interfaces for which NetFlow Analyzer has been purchased)
    • Add-ons - Reporting on Cisco IPSLA , Hi-Perf Reporting Engine, NCM (Network Configuration Manager), Wireless LAN Controller (WLC) and deep packet inspection (DPI).
    • Enterprise Edition - is scalable bandwidth monitoring for distributed networks for unlimited interfaces upto 80k flows support. (all add-ons included)

    Once installed, NetFlow Analyzer runs in evaluation mode for 30 days. You can obtain a registered license for NetFlow Analyzer at any time during the evaluation period by contacting NetFlow Analyzer Support.

    If you have not upgraded to the Licensed Edition by the end of the evaluation period, NetFlow Analyzer automatically reverts to the Free Edition.


    Upgrading your License 

    After obtaining the new license from ZOHO Corp, save it on your computer, and follow the steps below to upgrade your NetFlow Analyzer installation:

    1. Log in to the NetFlow Analyzer web client
    2. Click Admin logo/icon in the top right corner of the web client
    3. Click the Register link present in that pop-up page.
    4. In the License window that opens up, browse for the new license file and select it.

       5. Click Register to apply the new license file

    The new license is applied with immediate effect. You do not have to shut down or restart the NetFlow Analyzer server after the license is applied.