Medianet traffic monitoring

    What is Cisco Medianet?

    Cisco's Medianet is an intelligent network optimized for media rich traffic that is capable of reporting on packet loss, latency and jitter. It enables you to monitor the flow of packets to keep an eye on the performance of the applications and media rich traffic. Performance monitoring is especially important for voice and video traffic because high quality interactive video traffic is highly sensitive to network issues. Even minor issues that may not affect other applications can have dramatic effects on video quality.

    NetFlow Analyzer uses Medianet to report on volume and quality of media traffic in your network. NetFlow Analyzer reports on the volume of media traffic (IN and OUT), round trip time, packet loss and jitter. You can also view source, destination and applications that are responsible for the media traffic. These reports help you isolate network issues for rich media applications and determine the quality of media traffic.

    Cisco Medianet

    Drill down to each interface of the router for which Medianet export is configured and generate desired reports from the Medianet tab. The reports can be generated for following parameters individually:

    • Media volume
    • RTT
    • Jitter average
    • Packet loss

    Configuring Cisco Medianet

    Refer the below link to enable medianet for Cisco routers:

    Additional fields in Cisco Medianet reporting

    Graph and table view

    The graph and table view displays the information of performance metrics in graphical and tabular format. You can select one of the options to display the data. Table view for "All Reports" is shown below:

    Cisco Medianet

    Group by

    The group by option allows you to display the performance metrics by source, destination or application. The below report is grouped by "Application" where metrics such as RTT, jitter and packet loss is shown wrt the applications

    Cisco Medianet

    Network and Resolve DNS

    Turning the Network "ON" will combine the source and destination IPs in the same network and show the combined stats. Resolve DNS option will provide the DNS names to the source and destination IPs.