Migration steps for NetFlow Analyzer from the build 9860 and above with MySQL database (Windows)

    Please follow the below steps to migrate NetFlow Analyzer build 9860 from 32 bit to 64 bit.


    1. Shut down NetFlow Analyzer service.
    2. Backup the following directories\files:
      1. Data folder from <NetFlow> home directory.
      2. Data folder from <NetFlow\Mysql> directory.
      3. AdventnetLicense.xml file from <NetFlow\lib> directory.
      4. database_params.conf, Persistence folder and Wrapper.conf from <NetFlow\conf>
      5. startDB.bat, stopDB.bat and setcommonenv.bat files from <NetFlow\bin>

      Note:The above mentioned i & ii are two different directories but have been named the same. Kindly ensure to note down in order to avoid confusion during restoration.

    3. Install same NetFlow Analyzer BUILD 64 on the new server and run the NetFlow Analyzer service once. You can download the same BUILD from this link: http://archives.manageengine.com/netflow.
    4. Run the service once and shutdown the NetFlow Analyzer service.
    5. Download and unzip the Mysql folder from the following link and copy it to the NetFlow_Home directory. https://uploads.zohocorp.com/Internal_Useruploads/dnd/NetFlow_Analyzer/o_19demirre16voijnnar1rqk1obb1/mysql.zip
    6. Restore the backed up folders to the new installation under the same location:
      • Data folder backed up from <NetFlow> home directory to <NetFlow> home directory.
      • Data folder backed up from <NetFlow\Mysql> directory to <NetFlow\Mysql> directory.
      • database_params.conf, Wrapper.conf and Persistence backed up from <NetFlow\conf> directory to <NetFlow\conf> directory.
      • startDB.bat, stopDB.bat and setcommonenv.bat from bin folder backed up from <NetFlow_Home>\bin directory to <NetFlow_home>\bin directory.
    7. Start the NetFlow Analyzer service and apply the license file from License Management page in the product GUI.