Mysql DB to pgsql / MSSQL Migration


    Steps to Migrate NetFlow Standalone Mysql DB to pgsql / MSSQL Migration

    Note: Migration is applicable only in build 10250

    Both the MYSQL and PGSQL installation should be in the same server to perform the Migration. Make sure that you have enough disk space available in the drive for the complete data migration.

    Note: Shutdown Netflow Analyser service and take a back up of the "Netflow" folder before starting the data migration.

    1. Shutdown Netflow Analyzer service of the current installation.
    2. Open a CMD prompt as administrator and Navigate to \bin, Execute na_service -r
    3. In cmd prompt Navigate to \troubleshooting and execute rawcleanup.bat. Wait for it to complete.
    4. Rename Current NetFlow installation directory to

      Note: Free space available in the drive should be greater than the size of the NetFlow folder. If not move the old installation folder to a different drive (in the same server).

    5. Install New NetFlow Analyzer Installer 10250(Pgsql). Download link:
    6. Start New NetFlow analyzer, Connect to the UI and apply for License. (License file can be obtained from old Mysql Installer location, NetFlow_Home/lib/AdventNetLicense.xml)
    7. Tune the product as mentioned in the below link.

    8. Download and unzip

      It contains a folder named MigrateData. Copy the MigrateData folder to the new Postgres install underNetFlow directory.(Ex: C:\ManageEninge\Netflow)

      Stop the NetFlow Analyzer service.

    9. In Command Prompt Navigate to \MigrateData folder Execute "".

      (Ex: C:\ManageEninge\Netflow\MigrateData)

      • Provide the path of old NetFlow folder ( For eg. C:/ManageEngine/NetFlow_old/ ) and press Enter
      • Wait for script to complete and it will prompt to start the NetFlow Analyzer service
    10. Start the NetFlow Analyzer service. You can check the current migration status in the API Client Setting Tab.