NBAR 2 Apps


    NBAR 2, also known as Next-Generation NBAR, is an advanced version of Cisco NBAR that helps in identifying Layer-3-7 applications in the network based on some advanced techniques that are accurate and reliable. Over a 1000 applications are covered through Cisco NBAR 2 and that gives unprecedented amount of visibility into the applications on the network.

    NetFlow Analyzer's NBAR2 reports show the list of applications that are identified with NBAR2 along with their traffic details and the contribution of a particular application's traffic to the total traffic in the network. Drilling down an application lists the conversations that happened and has fields such as source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port, DSCP value etc. 

    To get the NBAR 2 application information in NetFlow Analyzer, you have to configure you CISCO devices to export netflow packets using Flexible netflow configuration and create flow record to export NBAR information in the flows.