Download NetFlow Generator

    Click here to see how to install NetFlow Generator.

    Generate NetFlow using port mirroring

    Port Mirror NFG

    1. Port mirroring is when, a copy of all the raw data packets passing through a networking device, is sent to a port within the same device (marked in green in the above representation) for inspection.
    2. NetFlow Generator then translates these mirrored data packets into readable NetFlow packets, and sends them to NetFlow Analyzer's listener port.
    3. Which ManageEngine's NetFlow Analyzer later uses to resolves into readable bandwidth usage reports, network's traffic patterns, and more.

    NetFlow Generator in NetFlow Analyzer's UI

    NFG UI in NFA

    Name The name of the device given while installing NetFlow Generator.
    IP address The IP address the NetFlow Generator runs on
    Build Number The version of the NetFlow Generator installed
    Status NFG Up in NFA means the flow export is working,NFG Down in NFAmeans flow export is down
    Last contact time The last time flow data was collected
    Flow processing By default, all flows are enabled, which means they are active. Click on the NFG enabled in NFA icon to disable flow export for that device. Click on the NFG disabled in NFA icon again to enable the schedule again.
    Actions Click on the NFG listener edit icon to Configure Listener Port.(requires a restart). Click on the NFG device delete icon to delete the device.
    Search Click on the NFG filter in NFA icon to bring up the search bar for Name, IP address, Build Number, Last contact time

     Performance Tuning for NetFlow Generator

    1. Stop NetFlow Generator service.
    2. Go to NetFlowGenerator/conf/ directory and open wrapper.conf file.
    3. Edit "" and save wrapper.conf file.
    4. Start NetFlow Generator service.

    How to start/stop/restart NetFlow Generator service?


    NFG Service Windows

    Since NetFlow Generator is a service that runs in the background, its running state can be checked in the Task Manager under the services tab.

    You can right click on the ManageEngine NetFlow Generator service to start/stop/restart the NetFlow Generator service.


    NFG Service Linux

    bash ./nfg_service status - to check the current status of NetFlow Generator

    bash ./nfg_service stop - to stop the NetFlow Generator service

    bash ./nfg_service start - to start the NetFlow Generator service

    bash ./nfg_service restart - to restart the NetFlow Generator service