What's New in this Release?

New Features in Release 9.7

The latest release of NetFlow Analyzer (9.7) can be downloaded from the website at http://www.netflowanalyzer.com/download.html


Feature Description
IP SLA Video Operations We now support IP SLA video operations. That makes it 3: IP SLA VoIP, IP SLA WAN RTT and IP SLA Video operations. Every possible kind of SLA verfication is now possible with NetFlow Analyzer.
Billing module enhanced Interface grouping is now possible in the billing module. This improves manageability by leaps and bounds.

New Features in Release 9.6


Feature Description
Advanced Security Analytics Module enhanced In the enhanced version, source and destination based anomaly detection is possible. You can also ignore events for all resources. It also supports IPv6 addressing.
Multicast Reporings You can now send packets from one host to a specific group of hosts through multicast.
Mediatrace On-Demand reports You can now view the path of an IP flow, on the go. Get mediatrace reports instantly without any additional configuration.

New Features in Release 9.5


Feature Description
Re-vamped User Interface The look and feel of NetFlow Analyzer's user interface has been modified for better user experience
Cisco's Medianet technology Cisco's Medianet is an end-to-end architecture that is capable analyzing voice, video and data traffic and report on loss, latency and jitter thereby helping you optimize rich media applications.
Support for App-flow protocol A standard for application monitoring and reporting that doesn't require network taps or span ports.
Create and Monitor IP groups using WAN RTT monitor Using WAN RTT monitor, you can create specific IP groups for the IP address or IP range monitored. This way, you can monitor both latency and the number of flows for a specific IP address or range.
On-demand billing in Capacity Planning Reports Generate on-demand bills in capacity planning reports
Performance tuning Improve the performance of product through user interface

New Features in Release 9.1


Feature Description
Advanced Security Analytics Module Security analytics tool that helps in detecting network intrusions and classifying the intrusions to tackle network security threats in real time has been enhanced with Anomaly based detection, Heuristics based event classification that includes Denial of Service Attack,Host Scan, Port Scan, Diagonal Scan and Grid Scan.

New Features in Release 9.0


Feature Description
Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) is designed optimize application performance and infrastructure consolidation in WAN environments.
Enhanced Capacity Planning Report Top 10 IN and Out Application Growth report and Standard deviation graph added
Support IPV6 Address Format Support for IPV6 Flow format in Troubleshoot reports, and Top applications and Top Conversations report has been added
Wan RTT The WAN RTT monitor is used to monitor WAN availability, Latency and Quality of Service.
Option to map IP addresses to site names Ability to add a new site name to known IP addresses.
Report Filter Enhancements You can filter reports according to your requirement
Support for Radius server Authentication in MSSQL NetFlow Analyzer now offers support for MSSQL
Creating Alert Profile with IP Address as Criteria IP address has been added as one of the alert criteria
Scheduling option for Compare Reports and Report Profiles Compare reports and Report Profiles can be scheduled prior and reports that are compared can be generated
Enhancements to Consolidated Reports The user interface of consolidated report has been changed for easy of use
Network Snapshot Improved with Widget for Top N Alerts The Top N Alerts widget can now be viewed in the network snapshot dashboard. This way you can get a quick view of all the alerts generated
String Search Option for IP groups IP Groups and Addresses can now be located easily using the search option.
Custom Selection Option in Device Reports In the device report custom selection of devices and time period enabled

New Features in Release 8.6


Feature Description

Capacity Planning Report

You can use these reports to see the growth in network traffic for user-defined period of time

Report Profiles


You can create profiles with various reports as per your choice

Top Sites

This gives a list of applcations and the various sites visited through these applications

Selection box for list of application

This gives you an easy access to application specific conversations

Compare report include 95th percetile

You can see the 95th percentile data in the "compare reports". Standard deviation values have been added in this report.

Compare report should include 1,5,15 min reports

Now you can select 1/ 5 / 15 minutes average in which you want the reports to be viewed in "compare reports"

Resolve NATED Addresses in ASA reports

The IP addresses will be resolved and displayed

Resizeable columns

In the conversation tabs, the width of the columns can be resized as per your convenience

Configures CBQoS automatically for first 20 routers

As soon as you add devices, the first 20 devices will be automatically polled and CBQoS configured

Schedule Reports CSV option

You can export the "scheduled reports" as CSV, additional to the PDF option already available

Geo location PDF and CSV

The "geo location reports" can be exported as PDF and CSV

Schedule Business hours for last month

In the "scheduled reports", you can define business hours for the 'previous month' and 'previous week' reports

Standard Deviation calculation in Traffic Report

Standard deviation values are displayed in the "traffic report"

Interface performance dashboard

In the "consolidated reports", pie chart has been added for ease of interpretation
Add custom URL widget in Dashboard You can add custom URL (user defined) in dashboard, as a widget

New Features in Release 8.5


Feature Description
Advanced Security Analytics Module Security analytics tool that helps in detecting network intrusions and classifying the intrusions to tackle network security threats in real time.

New Features in Release 8.0


Feature Description
 IPSLA (VoIP) Monitors the key performance metrics of the VoIP network to determine its health. The parameters measured include Jitter, Latency, Packet Loss etc.
 SNMP V3 support

Support for SNMP V3 has been added in this build

 FNF - NBAR integration Now users can get data on NBAR by configuring flexible NetFlow
 V9 Sampling NetFlow Analyzer now does NetFlow V9 sampling as well
 Cisco ASA NetFlow Analyzer now supports Cisco ASA (ISO version 8.2 onwards)
 CBQoS Child Policy Child policies can be created under parent policies
 PDF Option in CBQoS CBQoS reports can be exported as PDF
 Geo Locations reports of IP Addresses Resolves and groups IP addresses into groups of countries. Lists the traffic usage and bandwidth utilization of the link by the IP address from separate countries
 Single Click Scheduling Option Scheduling reports have been made easier now
 Network Layout using google maps and Google map widgets Devices can be located on google maps and a click on link between devices will give details about the link utilization and more
 More Graphical Widgets and some new Widgets added in Dashboard The widgets have become more graphical, which means it is now easier to interpret data
 Sampling rate accounted during the flow calculation Flow calculation also takes sampling rate(defined by the network administrator) into account
 Global search for IP Address link Type in the IP address of the source / destination / network... or any of the given choices and Voila! you will get Traffic IN and Traffic OUT details for the particular IP address
 Operator specific Dashboard permissions Operators and guest accounts can also create dashboards
 Top N AS reports Top N AS reports can be selected from the drop down
 Last 15, 30 Min reports You can see the reports for the last 15 and 30 mins also, additional to the already existing time period options
 1, 5, 15 Min averages in traffic report You have an option to view 1,5, 15 mins average data points in the traffic page
 Consolidated report for a device Clicking on the device name / IP address from the interface view will let you drilldown and view the top 10 of interface by speed & utilization, top 10 protocols, applications, source, destination, DSCP, conversation of that particular device.
 Localization NetFlow Analyzer also support Croatian, Spanish, Dutch.

New Features in Release 7.5

Feature Description
Customizable dashboard Users can create dashboard by placing the widgets as per their requirements. This enables easy understanding of the network behavior in one glance
GRE application filter

Applying this filter in any cryptomap tunnel prevents the GRE traffic getting double counted. Otherwise, the cryptomap interface in which NetFlow is enabled double counts the GRE traffic.

Support for MSSQL database NetFlow Analyzer now supports MSSQL Database also.
Email option for sending reports This option allows the user to send a screenshot of a page to a particular mail ID
DSCP names in alerts and IP groups Now, an user can set alerts based on the DSCP names and also create IP groups to monitor application using particular DSCP names.
Volume based billing The next level of billing is here, after usage based billing. Users can generate bills based on the volume of data.
Site-to-site traffic monitoring Users can create groups for monitoring site-to-site traffic.
Secondary DNS server lookup This allows the system to go through DNS servers other than primary ones for resolving DNS names.
Raw data storage For users who do not need an in depth report and for whom storing large data is an issue, you can now store the raw data for as less as 1 hour.

New Features in Release 7.0

Feature Description
Reporting on Cisco CBQoS Useful for monitoring class based pre and post policy traffic usage, class based drops and queuing
Authentication using radius server Useful for centralized controlling of access to resources in a network by a single global set of credentials
Ability to create IP groups with exclude IP address option One could bulk load IP groups and selectively remove unwanted IP groups
DNS resolving enhancement of source and destination addresses Faster retrieval of DNS names made possible
Support for user configurable DNS names for IP addresses Customizable DNS names helps in easier management of the network
Usage based billing Generation of periodic bills for accounting and for charge-back.
Reporting on source network and destination network This allows the user to view the source networks, destination networks and conversation between them.
Different IN and OUT speed can be configured for interfaces Helps in setting appropriate speed for IN and OUT interfaces
Support for exporting reports to CSV Helps in easier maintenance of data for historical reporting besides the flexibility to import in XLS sheets for any analysis
Sorting on the Autonomous Systems view for easier tracking and for peering arrangement Ability to group together applications into a single logical entity
Option to exclude ESP_App on user defined interfaces Ensures that traffic is not double counted in case of ESP tunnels.
Option to suppress output interface accounting on user defined interfaces Useful when working with WAN accelarators
Quick view traffic graph in Dashboard view Offers Enhanced usability
Graphs enhanced to one min granularity and also to real-time in Network Snapshot Offers a more realistic reporting of the network health for quicker action to avoid any network eventuality
Ability to set snmp parameters globally for all routers Offers the flexibility to avoid havign to set the same SNMP parameters on each individual router
Support for sorting of interfaces based on usage in Dashboard View Helps in easier viewing of interfaces based on maximum/minimum bandwidth usage and for appropriate action
User management enhanced to provide last login time and current login status for all users Helps individual users to quickly confirm that one's login credentials have not been compromised
Support for configuring alerts on interface groups. Interface groups can be used for checking the router traffic (by combining all the interfaces into a single group)
User permission can be granted at a interface group level. This feature would enable providing permission at an interface level while creating a user.
Look and feel changed The user interface has been changed for a better user experience
Localization supported NetFlow Analyzer supports French, German, Chinese and Japanese.

New Features in Release 6.0

Feature Description
sFlow Support Support for sFlow data capture and reporting
Selectable Graph Option to click and drag on the graph for easier drilldown
Real-Time Reports Real time reports with graphs. Updates immediately as the data is received
Link Down alert Alerting feature enhanced to send an alert when link goes down or when no flows are received for 15 minutes
Enhanced Granularity IN and OUT traffic (in bytes and packets) for each interface maintained with 1 minute granularity for upto 1 year
Performance improvement Performance improvement in IP group classification engine
Google Map Integration Integration with Google Maps for a better view of the network
Application Grouping Ability to group together applications into a single logical entity
DSCP Mapping Ability to report on DSCP mapping

New Features in Release 5.5.0


Feature Description
NBAR based Reporting NBAR(Network Based Application Recognition) - By intelligent classification of traffic lets you set QoS standard.
Scheduling of Reports Allows setting of time intervals at which network traffic reports are generated automatically and mailed to desired recipient(s). 
NetFlow V9 Support Basic V9 support.
Associating IP address to application Associate IP address to an application in addition to port & protocol.
Create Interface Groups Ability to group interfaces together and monitor traffic.
ToS & TCP_flag Reports based on TCP flags & TOS can be generated from the Trouble-shooting page.


New Features in Release 5.0

Feature Description
Threshold-based Alerting Set up alerts based on link utilization and send emails or SNMP Traps when thresholds are exceeded.
Troubleshooting Retain raw data for longer time periods (up to 2 weeks) to enable increased visibility into traffic data for troubleshooting and alerts. 
Support link Wide range of options to contact technical support in case of any problems running NetFlow Analyzer.
Enhanced Router Settings Specify whether router details need to be fetched based on IfName, IfAlias or IfDescription value.
Dashboard View Filter Filter Dashboard Interface View to display only those interfaces exceeding specific values of incoming or outgoing traffic.
Traffic Graph Filters Filter daily and weekly traffic graphs to show hour-based traffic details.
Enhanced IP Group Management Specify interfaces when creating IP groups to further filter traffic details for an IP group.
Localized Versions NetFlow Analyzer supports French, German, and Spanish along with Chinese and Japanese.


Features in Previous Releases (4.0 to 4.0.2)

Feature Description
Web-based interface Generate reports and perform administrative tasks from just a web browser
Support for NetFlow export versions As of release 4.0.2, NetFlow Analyzer includes support for NetFlow version 5 and version 7 exports
Simply "turn on" NetFlow Simply configure NetFlow export on your router or switch, and see it automatically added on the Dashboard
Real-time Traffic Graphs View instant graphs of bandwidth utilization per network interface as soon as NetFlow data is received
Historical Trend Reports Generate daily, weekly, monthly, and custom time period bandwidth reports showing peak traffic patterns
Bandwidth Usage Reports View reports showing top applications, top hosts, and top conversations using bandwidth
Consolidated Reports View bandwidth reports per interface, showing all details on bandwidth usage for that interface
Autonomous Systems Reports View AS and peering information for routers configured with BGP (useful for service providers)
NetFlow Devices Categorize devices exporting NetFlow into logical groups and monitor them exclusively
IP Groups Create departments based on IP addresses, ports, protocols, or interfaces and generate specific bandwidth usage reports
Application Configuration Identify most standard applications out-of-the-box and configure custom applications to recognize specific traffic
User management Add users with different privileges, assign device groups, and selectively allow access
Localized setup NetFlow Analyzer can be installed and run in Chinese and Japanese languages, with support for more languages being added frequently. Check the website for the latest list of languages localized, and also contribute to translation works.

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