sFlow Reporting


    What is sFlow?

    According to sFlow.org, sFlow® is an industry standard technology for monitoring high speed switched networks. It gives complete visibility into the use of networks enabling performance optimization, accounting/billing for usage, and defense against security threats.


    It further says, sFlow is a sampling technology that meets the key requirements for a network traffic monitoring solution:


    • sFlow is an industry standard with interoperable implementations provided by a wide range of network equipment and software application vendors
    • sFlow provides a network-wide view of usage and active routes. It is a scalable technique for measuring network traffic, collecting, storing, and analyzing traffic data. This enables tens of thousands of interfaces to be monitored from a single location
    • sFlow is scalable, enabling it to monitor links of speeds up to 10Gb/s and beyond without impacting the performance of core internet routers and switches, and without adding significant network load
    • sFlow is a low cost solution. It has been implemented on a wide range of devices, from simple L2 workgroup switches to high-end core routers, without requiring additional memory and CPU