Storage Settings

    These settings allows you to set the below option in NetFlow Analyzer:

    Setting Description
    Raw data settings Allows you to set the time period to store RAW data in NetFlow Analyzer by default it will be set to Never.
    Aggregated data settings Allows you to set the time period to store Aggregated data in NetFlow Analyzer by default it will be set to Forever
    NBAR/CBQoS data settings Allows you to set the time period to store NBAR/CBQoS data collected.
    One minute Data-Storage Allows you set the time period for one-min data storage in NetFlow Analyzer which is used to generate 1 min traffic graphs.
    Autonomous data settings Allows you to start/stop the Autonomous number data collection form device. By default, this will be Disabled

    Raw Data Settings 

    NetFlow Analyzer classifies data into 2 types namely Aggregated Data and the Raw Data.

    Aggregated Data represents the total IN and OUT traffic, the top 100 application and the top 100 conversation for each interface for every 10 minute intervals. Data is progressively stored in 10 minute, 1 hour, 6 hour, 24 hour and weekly data points for older data - the most recent data is available with 10 minute granularity and data older than 90 days is available in weekly granularity.

    This mechanism of storing the top 100 is done to ensure that the database does not grow infinitely. The amount of hard disk space required to store the aggregated data forever is about 150 MB per interface.

    In addition to the aggregated data, NetFlow Analyzer 5 allows you to store all raw netflow data for up to 1 month. The time period for which you can store this raw data (Raw Data Period) depends on the number of flows received by NetFlow Analyzer and the amount of free disk space available on your computer. Each flow is about 60 bytes. Troubleshooting and Alert reports are generated from Raw data since it provides high level of granularity. 

    NetFlow Analyzer indicates the flows received per second in the Raw Data Settings tab on the Settings link. You should set the raw data period ( Retain Raw Data ) based on the calculation below:

    Free hard disk space - (250 MB * No. of Managed Interfaces)

    Raw Data Period (in hours) = ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    60 Bytes * 3600 seconds * Flows Per Second

    You can use the recommendation provided by the software to set your Raw data storage period. The maximum raw data storage period is 1 month and the minimum is a day. Similar to the alerting feature, you can choose to have a mail sent whenever the disk space is less than a threshold value( This is set as a percentage value). In addition you can specify the free disk space threshold below which old raw data will be cleared up. This could be as percentage value of the total disk space. This can also take on the value of "Never", in which case the disk place is not cleared up at all.

    Aggregated Data Storage Settings

    Aggregated data settings allows below 2 functions:

    1. Count Of Top Records to Store

    2. Retain Aggregated Data. 

    1. Count Of Top Records to Store 

    This tab allows you to increase the top record counts to store in the Aggregated tables in the database from Default 100 to maximum 300 and minimum 10.

    2. Retain Aggregated Data 

    This option allows you to Retain the Aggregated data stored in the database. By default this option is set to Forever, that means the Aggregated data collected in the database will not be deleted at all. 

    If you want to store aggregated data only for an certain time period you can select the option from minimum Last Month to maximum 2 years, also you can select the Only Once option to retain the Aggregated Data from an particular date, all the other data older that the specified date and time will be deleted.

    One Minute Data-Storage Settings 

    To set the period for which one minute flow data has to be stored use the Retain One Minute Data option. You could choose one of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. You will require a free disk space of 2MB to store one month of one minute traffic data for a single interface. The default period is 3 Months.

    NBAR/CBQoS Data-Storage Settings 

    You can use this option to specify the time period for which NBAR/CBQoS data has to be retained. You could retain the NBAR/CBQoS data for a minimum of a day to a maximum of 1 year. You will require free disc space of 30 MB and 15 MB for NBAR and CBQoS respectively inorder to save these data for a month for each interface. The default value is 2 months. 

    Click on the "Save" button for the settings to take effect.

    Autonomous Data Settings 

    This option allows you to Enable and Disable the ASN ( Autonomous number ) data collection from the devices sending the AS details. By default this option is set to Disable. If you want to see the AS details for an device, you have to Enable it.