Flow processing errors

    If there is an error in processing flows, check the configuration of the device as this is the most common reason for devices sending wrong flows.
    Check whether there are two different flow formats configured from the device. If so remove the flow type which is not detected in NetFlow Analyzer and keep the other one.

    In this case, configure the device to export the flows to the NetFlow Analyzer installed server IP and the Configured UDP listner port (9996 by default).

    V9 flow:

    When no flows are received from the device and flow processing error message occurs, go to Inventory -> Device snapshot -> Click device template icon in the top right corner(image). If template information is available then download the pdf file and send it to support.

    If device template info is not available, make sure that the device template information is exported for each minute.


    If NetFlow Analyzer slows down due to the device sending more than 5000 sflow packets per second, increase the sampling rate for the respective devices.

    If it is Fortigate device and double count occurs, configure the device to send flow packets for either ingress or egress alone and not both.

    Execute the below command in global config mode to set sample direction, "set sample-direction [tx | rx]"