Report Profiles

Report Profiles allow users to create customized reports using extensive filter options. The profiles created are saved for future use thereby reducing the time consumed for generating new reports. Report profile option provides high level of customization and easy generation of reports on user defined criteria.


Creating a new profile

The report profile option is present under the admin tree at the left hand side of the product UI.

Once the profiles are added, they will appear on the bottom left side of product tab(by default. This can be toggled and the position can be changed). This can be edited later by clicking on editing profile found adjacent to the profile name. Expanding the profile(by clickin on the arrow left to it) gives the list of reports configured for this profile.


Note: If you have configured more than four reports for a profile, then the reports will be displayed in a tabbed format, else it will be shown in a widget-grid fromat.


report profile

Creating a new filter

Now a new filter has been created.

report filter



The user can generate customized reports based on the filter options. The Filter options are:



Managing Report Profiles


Report profiles are created based on user defined criteria. You can individually edit profile edit and delete profile delete report profiles created. The user can also edit and delete the created filters for specific report profiles using the edit filterand delete filter icons. You can also create weekly and monthly filters only for the business hour period.


You can view the records either as a "Widget" or as in "Tab" . The widget view lists the top ten records of the selected report profile while the tab view lists all conversations. The report profile can either be downloaded as PDF or exported as CSV using NetFlow Analyzer. The report profile also offers schedule report option where reports can be scheduled instantly. The scheduled reports can be exported as CSV and PDF and contains top 100 records of the time specified.





















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