ManageEngine OpUtils has an increasing number of satisfied customers. Some of their words of appreciation are included here.

Oputils has given me a single interface to monitor, isolate and troubleshoot network related problems usually before they are noticed by the end user base. The feature rich reporting capability and mapping of MAC addresses to IP to DNS is a great feature. The brand specific tools that are included are a great addition to compliment this already robust product. Setup was a breeze, reporting was intuitive and overall the ease of use has been great. The price far beats products that offer similar functions, and takes up minimal space on my ManageEngine Server.

Jude Croyle, Director - IT
Meet Minneapolis

OpUtils includes most every networking tool I can possibly use at a tenth the price of other network tools. Switch Port Mapper is an extremely useful tool that scans your switches and displays port status, MAC Address, IP Address, DNS Name, and Vlan information. The best thing about Switch Port Mapper is that the tool is not vendor specific. Another useful tool that I use often is Rogue Detection. First devices get “discovered” by various scans, then utilizing all the host information displayed by OpUtils you can classify the host as either Trusted, Guest, or Rogue. If you classify the host as rogue you can block the device right from the Rogue Detection tool. Lastly support is outstanding, technicians will quickly diagnose your problem and the few times I required a patch it was available next day. You just can’t get that kind of support from most companies and especially not at the price of this product.

Carl Vonhassel
State of Connecticut Judicial Branch

The IP tool allowed us to recompile our Master IP list in a matter of minutes rather than wasting the time of 2 employees for a full day. In the first hour of it's use we were able to recover the cost of the software.

IT Admin
The Automaster Motor Co.

Triad Telecom is very appreciative of the outstanding support received from Managengine as related to our purchase of ManageEngine OpUtils. We utilize the product for scheduled backup and archiving of configurations from our Cisco devices across multiple subnets. After trying several products, some much pricier, we settled on OpUtils as it offers the best value and performance. The support has been fantastic and we appreciate the response and timely turnaround of the special features that we requested. Thanks again!

Don Annas,
Triad Telecom, Inc.

OpUtils has provided us a detailed and intuitive interface to easily manage our IP space and switch ports. We can easily find any system on our network through their switch port mapper tool and also quickly identify possible security violations.

Nichole K. Boscia, CSC
Sr. Network Engineer
NASA Ames Research Center
Advanced Supercomputing Division