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DHCP monitoring, simplified

ManageEngine OpUtils is a reliable IP address and switch port management software that features a powerful built-in DHCP server monitor. It enhances an IT administrator's capability in managing DHCP servers by ensuring seamless IP allocation within the network. OpUtils' DHCP server monitoring software throws light into its associated IP address, scope range, and more. Delving into a specific DHCP server will provide the IT admin with information about associated IP address, MAC address, DNS name, total IPs within the DHCP server, available IPs, scope details, and more. OpUtils effortlessly integrates its IP address manager console with the DHCP monitor, delivering IT admins a comprehensive overview of the IP address space.


Key features of OpUtils DHCP monitor

Here are top three reasons why OpUtils is the best software to monitor your DHCPs.

Comprehensive DHCP visibility

Gain in-depth insights into DHCP servers, including lease utilization, reservations, and scope options. Generate granular reports on DHCP activities and remain informed about crucial events such as lease conflicts and server errors.

Streamlined IPAM

Manage all your DHCP servers' IPs from a single, intuitive and user-friendly interface. Schedule routine tasks such as lease renewals, scope configuration backups, report generation, and more for seamless IP management.

Unified solution

OpUtils is a comprehensive solution, monitoring IP addresses, managing switch ports, handling rogue devices, and providing various network utilities. Additionally, it simplifies DHCP management, enhancing security and preventing network downtime to boost ROI.

Why OpUtils DHCP monitor is the toolbox for network stability

Let's read about the distinctive DHCP server monitoring features of OpUtils that sets it apart.

Seamless discovery

OpUtils supports a wide range of DHCP servers and its DHCP server monitoring software equips IT admins with three versatile discovery options. This enables you to automate scanning by configuring periodic scan schedules. OpUtils' adaptable IP discovery feature promotes uninterrupted communication and mitigates the risk of disruptions.

Seamless discovery

Enhanced monitoring

OpUtils' DHCP server monitor provides comprehensive monitoring insights for each server and it's scope to enhance user understanding. This includes a broad overview of server details, and IP details such as Total IPs, Leased IPs, and utilization of the DHCP IP pool. This assists network administrators in meticulous network planning and maintaining distinct metrics for the server and scope individually.

Enhanced monitoring

Proactive alerting

OpUtils' DHCP monitoring tool promptly notifies IT admins through email, syslogs or within OpUtils' console about network issues by employing a threshold-based alerting mechanism. With a set of predefined alert scenarios, IT admins can ensure they receive alerts promptly. Through over 30 built-in tools, OpUtils provides effective resources for diagnosing and troubleshooting issues.

Proactive alerting

DHCP specific reports

Track DHCP servers' status, performance, and issues through a dedicated report section. The DHCP server reports include details about leased IPs, available IPs, IP usage summary, along with other reporting options that makes OpUtils the complete DHCP monitoring tool for your IP network needs. You can customize the reports for scheduling, direct email delivery to meet the unique requirements of your organization, and you can export reports in PDF or CSV formats.

DHCP specific reports

AD Integration

Apart from efficiently monitoring DHCP servers, OpUtils seamlessly incorporates with your network's Active Directory (AD) to optimize operations. This integration simplifies tracking IP address assignments, detecting unauthorized devices, etc. It also automates IP address management by associating DHCP data with user and device details, simplifying IP address assignment, tracking, and auditing.

AD Integration

Supported DHCP servers

  • Microsoft DHCP server
  • Palo Alto DHCP server
  • Linux ISC DHCP server
  • CISCO DHCP server
  • Fortinet DHCP server

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Customer reviews


One of the best products to manage the environment

Overall: Full of features for IP Address Manager, Switch Port Manager and Rogue Detection, it is easy to manage the environment along with Switches and Routers. Config file manager and other various tools are very helpful to make necessary changes in the environment without logging into multiple devices.


Great software, does everything I need, nothing I don't

Overall: I needed an IPAM solution and this does everything I need. The network tools are helpful in diagnosing problems.

Pros: Switch port management allows my colleagues to manage switches in my absence; liven and deaden ports as needed.


Networking on the NEXT level

Pros: The user interface is so user-friendly and easy to find the info that your looking for.