Cisco Device ScannerCisco Device Scan


The Cisco Device Scan tool of OpUtils software scans the subnets or a range of IP Addresses and collects the information about the Cisco Devices in the scanned range. The details include, the Chassis ID, ROM version, IOS version, among other details.

To Scan for Cisco Devices

  1. Click the Tools tab

  2. Choose Device Scan available under Cisco Tools category.

  3. You have an option to view the details for a range of IP Addresses or for a single subnet. Select the required tab.

  4. Based on the selected tab specify the start and end IP Addresses or the subnet address to be scanned.

  5. Specify the SNMP Community string. Add multiple community strings as comma separated.

  6. Click Get Cisco Details.

  7. The details of the cisco devices in the subnet are displayed.

  8. Click the Export link to export the results in PDF, CSV, or XLS formats.

Restrictions in Trial Version

  1. Will only display any 5 devices in the scanned range.

  2. Delete and Search options are disabled.

  3. Export option is disabled.

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