TFTP Server


TFTP Server is used by OpUtils to retrieve the config files from the cisco devices. It is started at port 69 automatically whenever you try to retrieve the config files using the Config File Manager. The config files are retrieved and are stored in the file system under the TFTP Root directory, the default location being <OpUtils_Home>/webapps/tftp directory.


TFTP Server tool can be used to view the contents of the TFTP Root directory. In addition to the files downloaded using the Config File Manager tool, you will also be able to view the files that have been downloaded manually using the TFTP Server of OpUtils. You can also edit the files and upload it back to the devices.


You can also change the TFTP Root directory from here using the Settings link.


Note: When the TFTP Root directory is changed, the config files that are download prior to this change are not copied to the new location.


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