mib module viewer MIB Module Viewer Tool                                       


The MIB Module Viewer provides a snapshot of a given MIB. It provides some general information on the MIB and also provides the defined attributes, total number of nodes, defined TCs, and the defined traps. It also provides the SMIv2 specific details.

To view the details of a MIB

  1. Click the Tools tab.

  2. Choose MIB Viewer available under the SNMP Tools category.

  3. Select the MIB Module Viewer tab.

  4. Check if the MIB to be viewed is available for selection in the MIB Name combo box. All the MIB's loaded by default are listed.

  5. If you want to view the snapshot of a MIB that is not loaded by default, click the Add MIB button. In the Add MIB dialog that appears, use the Browse  button to choose the MIB, and click the Load button. If a MIB has any dependent MIBs ensure that all the dependent MIBs are also loaded to avoid errors. Click Close to close the dialog. Check if the MIB that is loaded is displayed in the MIB Name combo box. Based on whether OpUtils is run in database or in non-database mode, the mibs will get added to the MIBs database or to <OpUtils Home>/Application/mibs directory respectively.

  6. Choose the MIB from the combo box.

  7. Click the Show button.

  8. Check the results. The details are categorized as

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