Unauthenticated 'oputilsServlet' vulnerability


Vulnerability Details
Impact CVSS V3 rating: 10 (Critical)
Reported 6 August 2018
Fixed 7 September 2018
Affected Builds Till Build 123194
Fixed in Build 123196
Overview The 'oputilsServlet' which was previously unauthenticated has now been removed.
Recommended Fix Upgrade to OpUtils Version 12.3.329 or above.



The 'oputilsServlet' vulnerability was discovered in OpUtils before version 12.3.196. This unauthenticated 'oputilsServlet' vulnerability was removed since it compromises the application.

We recommend that you upgrade to OpUtils version 12.3.329 and above to fix this issue.

Source and Acknowledgements

Find out more about CVE-2018-17283 from the CVE dictionary.

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