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Note: If you are new to OpUtils, download the Complete EXE. No need to download the Upgrade Pack separately.

We recommend users to move to the latest version, OpUtils 8 build #80011 (How can I find my Build number?)

Important Note

If you are using a build earlier to 71000, contact to upgrade to 71000 prior to installing this upgrade pack.

How to install | What's New?

Instructions to Upgrade:

  1. Shut down OpUtils
  2. Important: Take a manual backup of the OpUtils installation directory (<Install_Dir>/AdventNet/ME/OpUtils directory)
  3. Run the script 'UpdateManager.bat' ( for Linux) under the <OpUtils Home>/bin folder. This invokes the Update Manager tool
  4. Click Browse button and select the Upgrade Pack (.ppm file) you have downloaded.
  5. Click Install button to install the Upgrade.
  6. When completed, click "Close".
  7. Click "Exit" to close the Update Manager tool.
  8. Start OpUtils.

How do I locate the current version for OpUtils?

  1. In the Web Client click the "About" link on top-right of the page
  2. You should see the Release Version mentioned along with the Build Number

Need help ?

Want help with upgrading OpUtils to the latest version? Kindly mail us at .

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