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Note: If you are new to OpUtils, download the Complete EXE. No need to download the Upgrade Pack separately.

We recommend users to move to the latest version, OpUtils 12 build #123299 (How can I find my Build number?)

Choose your upgrade path

Identify your build number and follow the sequence as given in the table below to move to the latest version (How can I find my Build number?)

Current Build Service Pack Move to Build
12300 and above Upgrade Pack | How to Install | README 123299
12200 Upgrade Pack | How to Install | README 12300
12000 and 12100 Upgrade Pack | How to Install | README 12200
80015 Steps to upgrade | README 124013
80000, 80011...80014 Pre upgrade | Upgrade Pack | How to Install | README 80015
71011, 71012, ... 71028 Upgrade Pack | How to Install | README 80000
70011, 70012, ... 70026 Upgrade Pack | How to Install | README 71000
61011, 61012, ... 61026 Upgrade Pack | How to Install | README 70000
60011, 60012, ... 60056 Upgrade Pack | How to Install | README 61000
58001, 58002, ... 58028 Upgrade Pack | How to Install | README 60000
57000, 57001, ... 57003 Upgrade Pack | How to Install | README 58001
5603, 5604, ... 5625 Upgrade Pack | How to Install | README 57000

How can I find the build number of OpUtils?

  1. In the Web Client select the "Administrator" icon on the top of the page.
  2. Search for the 'Build Number' among the product details listed.
  3. Check the following image guide to locate the build number.
How can I find the build number of OpUtils?

Steps to upgrade Version 8 build 80015 to Version 12 build 124013

Step 1: Backup OpUtils DB

  1. Stop OpUtils Server
  2. Open command prompt(Run as Administrator) OR Console(Root User) and invoke UpgradeToOpUtils12.bat/ as mentioned below from OpUtils/bin Directory
  3. Invoke the script UpgradeToOpUtils12.bat || which is located under OpUtils/bin Directory
    Syntax : UpgradeToOpUtils12.bat 1 <TargetDB>
    for ex:- UpgradeToOpUtils12.bat 1 mssql
    sh 1 postgres
  4. Backup will be located under OpUtils/bin directory
  5. Copy the backup zip

Step 2: Restore Backup in OpUtils 12

  1. Contact support and get the new license by sending old license.
  2. Download and Install OpUtils 12. Hereafter service name will be ManageEngine OpManager.
  3. Start OpManager new instance/service and wait for new UI, Login as default admin/admin.
    and check whether it is showing subnet(server belongs to)
    Do not forget to apply the license before restoring the data by Click on User (Top left corner) >> Register
  4. After successful start and registered the license, Stop OpManager Service
  5. Move the above OpUtils DB backup zip to OpManager/bin/ directory
  6. If OpUtils 12 is in MSSQL setup, Ensure MSSQL Db Server is started and running
  7. Invoke the script UpgradeToOpUtils12.bat || Which is located under OpManager/bin/ directory
    UpgradeToOpUtils12.bat <Process Id> <TargetDB> <DB_Backup_zip>
    for ex:- UpgradeToOpUtils12.bat 2 mssql
    sh 2 postgres
  8. After successful completion of script execution, Start OpManager Service and check the new UI.

Note: Default admin account password will be reset to 'admin'. You can change it again after logging in.

PS: If any difficulties in upgrading please contact support.

If you are using a build earlier to 80000, contact Please enable Javascript to see the email address to upgrade to 80000 prior to installing this upgrade pack.

Instructions to upgrade build 5603 to 80015:

  1. Shut down OpUtils
  2. Important: Take a manual backup of the OpUtils installation directory (<Install_Dir>/AdventNet/ME/OpUtils directory)
  3. Run the script 'UpdateManager.bat' ( for Linux) under the <OpUtils Home>/bin folder. This invokes the Update Manager tool
  4. Click Browse button and select the Upgrade Pack (.ppm file) you have downloaded.
  5. Click Install button to install the Upgrade.
  6. When completed, click "Close".
  7. Click "Exit" to close the Update Manager tool.
  8. Start OpUtils.

How do I locate the current version for OpUtils?

  1. In the Web Client click the "About" link on top-right of the page
  2. You should see the Release Version mentioned along with the Build Number

Pre Upgrade Steps:

In case of Windows

  1. Download the from here.
  2. Extract the under <Install_Dir>/OpUtils/bin directory.
  3. Choose Yes to replace the RunPatchAsAdmin.bat file.

Need help ?

Want help with upgrading OpUtils to the latest version? Kindly mail us at .