Windows Service:


Whenever an application is declared as a NT Service,then it can be accessed from any system,irrespective of its location(the server in which it is installed).To declare the ADSelfService Plus as a NT Service, follow the steps given below:


Steps to Be Followed In-order To Install & Start ADSelfService Plus As A Service:


  1. Please stop the ADSelfService Plus,if it is running(Start --> Programs -->ADSelfService Plus --> Stop ADSelfService Plus)

  2. Install as a Service(Start --> All Programs --> ADSelfService Plus --> NT Service --> Install ADSelfService Plus as a Service)

  3. Start as a service

  4. Start -->Run and type 'services.msc'

  5. Right-click on "ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus" and Click on Properties.

  6. Go to Logon Tab and choose "This Account" option. Enter an Administrative credential and click OK.

  7. Right click on Manage Engine ADSelfService Plus and Click on Start

Now it would be possible to access the ADSelfService Plus application,even if the system - in which ADSelfService Plus has been installed - is in a 'logged off' state.


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