Auto-enrolling users by importing data from a CSV file 

Using this option, you can import a CSV file containing users’ enrollment data into ADSelfService Plus and enroll them automatically. This option comes in handy if you already have all the necessary enrollment data stored in a CSV file or in an application that can export data as a CSV file.

 Steps for configuring auto-enrollment via CSV file.

  1. Log in to the ADSelfService Plus web console as an admin.
  2. Navigate to  Configuration → Administrative Tools → Quick Enrollment, and click Import Enrollment Data from CSV File.
  3. enrollNewNotification
  4. Select a policy from the Select Policy drop-down.
  5. Note:

    You can configure OU and group-based policies by going to  Configuration → Self-Service → Policy Configuration. Using policies, you can enable forced enrollment for a specific group of users.  

  6. Select the enrollment data you want to import from the Import drop-down. Please note that each authentication method requires different kinds of enrollment data.
  7. Select the security question , if question is not selected as Import type.
  8. Click  Choose File, and select the CSV file containing the enrollment data.
  9. Select the encoding standard supported by the CSV file from the File Encoding drop-down.
  10. Check the  Overwrite enrollment data if enrolled already box if you want to overwrite users’ enrollment data.
  11. Click  Enroll.
  12. Tip: ADSelfService Plus also allows you to set up a scheduler for importing enrollment data from a CSV file at regular intervals so new users get enrolled automatically.


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