Auto-enrolling users by importing data from a CSV file

Using this option, you can import a CSV file containing users’ enrollment data into ADSelfService Plus and enroll them automatically. This option comes in handy if you already have all the necessary enrollment data stored in a CSV file or in an application that can export data as a CSV file. Before importing the enrollment data, make sure to configure the settings for the respective authenticators. To learn more on how to set up the authenticators supported by ADSelfService Plus, click here.

Authenticators for Bulk enrollment

Administrators can enroll users automatically without any user involvement for these authenticators:

  1. Security Questions and Answers
  2. Email IDs
  3. Mobile Numbers
  4. Custom TOTP - Hardware token

Bulk enrollment into ADSelfService Plus can be done by the admin with minimal user input for the following authenticators:

  1. Duo Security
  2. Google Authenticator
  3. Microsoft Authenticator
  4. Zoho OneAuth TOTP
  5. Custom TOTP - Software token

To enroll for Duo Security, please ensure that the users first download the Duo Security authenticator app and enroll with Duo. Admins can then bulk-enroll the users into ADSelfService Plus.

To use TOTP-based software authenticators (Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, Zoho OneAuth TOTP, and Custom TOTP - Software token), users will need to finish the process by installing the TOTP authenticator apps on their phones and configuring the enrollment settings using the Secret Key. Please find the configuration steps below:

Step 1: Create a unique 16-digit alphanumeric key for each user who is to be enrolled. This will be their secret key in the CSV file.

Step 2: Import the CSV by following these steps to enroll the users into ADSelfService Plus.

Step 3: The admin can send users their respective secret keys via email or other secure ways. Keys will be used while configuring the TOTP authenticator app on users' phones.

Note: Where applicable, users must ensure that they select third-party account while configuring their accounts on the authenticator apps.

Import data formats

The data imported in the CSV file should follow the specified formats for each authenticator as mentioned in the table below.

Import type CSV header names Allowed formats
Mobile Numbers mobile Must contain numbers 0 through 9
Email IDs mail Must be a valid email address
Security Questions and Answers question Must be a security question, e.g., What is your favorite color?
answer Must be the corresponding answer to the security question, e.g., Yellow
Google Authenticator googleauth secret key Must contain letters A-Z or a-z and numbers 2-7
Microsoft Authenticator microsoftauth secret key Must contain letters A-Z or a-z and numbers 0-9
Zoho OneAuth TOTP zohooneauth secret key Must contain letters A-Z or a-z and numbers 0-9
Duo Security sAMAccountName Must be a valid user in AD
Custom TOTP - Software Token customtotp secret key Must contain letters A-Z or a-z and numbers 0-9
Custom TOTP - Hardware token customtotp hardware serial number Must contain letters A-Z or a-z and numbers 0-9
customtotp secret key Must contain letters A-Z or a-z and numbers 0-9
Important note:
  • The length of secret keys must be greater than or equal to 16 and less than or equal to 350.
  • The length of serial numbers must be greater than or equal to 4 and less than or equal to 250.

Steps for configuring auto-enrollment via a CSV file

  1. Log in to the ADSelfService Plus web console as an admin.
  2. Navigate to Configuration > Administrative Tools > Quick Enrollment, and click Import Enrollment Data from CSV File.
  3. Steps for configuring auto-enrollment via a CSV file

  4. Select a policy from the Select Policy drop-down.
  5. Note: You can configure OU and group-based policies by going to Configuration > Self-Service > Policy Configuration. Using policies, you can enable forced enrollment for a specific group of users.

  6. Select the enrollment data you want to import from the Import drop-down. Please note that each authentication method requires different kinds of enrollment data.
  7. Select the security question if question is not selected as Import type.
  8. Click Choose File, and select the CSV file containing the enrollment data.
  9. Select the encoding standard supported by the CSV file from the File Encoding drop-down.
  10. Check the Overwrite enrollment data if enrolled already box if you want to overwrite users’ enrollment data.
  11. Click Enroll.
Tip: ADSelfService Plus also allows you to set up a scheduler for importing enrollment data from a CSV file at regular intervals so new users get enrolled automatically.


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