Send Enrollment Notification via Email/Push


After you have installed ADSelfService Plus, it is paramount that you instruct users to enroll with ADSelfService Plus.


Enrollment notification can be used to notify users via Email and Push Notification to enroll with ADSelfService Plus to avail themselves of password self-service features.

Enrollment notification is sent only to users who are not enrolled with ADSelfService Plus.
  1. Click on Configuration -->>Administrative Tools -->> Quick Enrollment -->> Send Enrollment Notification via Email/Push.

  2. Select the "Domain / OU","Policies" or "Manual" from the drop-down box.

  3. Select whether to notify users via Email or Push Notification from the Notification Type drop-down box.

  4. If you have selected Mail Notification, then enter the mails server details in the fields provided.

  5. In the "Mail Server" textbox, the "Mail Server" that has been configured in the "Server Settings" would be available.

  6. To modify the Mail Server or Configure a new server, click on the "Configure Mail Server".

  7. Provide the "Subject" ( Eg. Enrollment Invitation).

  8. Follow it up with the "Notification Message".

  9. Click "Send".

Make sure the push notification content (Subject + Message) size does not exceed approximately 185 characters. If it does, the content will be shortened to fit the character limit. Approximate limit for non-English characters: 60 for Japanese and Chinese, 95 for Arabic and Russian, 185 for Spanish, German and Italian, and 178 for French, Swedish, and Polish.


'Manual' applies only for Email Notification and it can't be selected for Push Notification. Selecting 'Manual' allow the administrator to send email to all users entered in the text box provided.


Selecting Domain / OU will allow the administrator to notify all the users that fall in the selected container (Domain/OU).


Selecting the Policy will allow the administrator to notify all users who are part of the Policy.

Note: You can also set up a scheduler to notify "non-enrolled and fresh" domain users to enroll with ADSelfService Plus.


Schedule Notification


 To enable a scheduler, complete the following steps:

  1. Click on the “Schedule Notification” button in the top right hand side of the enrollment notification tab

  2. Click on the “Schedule New Notification” button

  3. Enter a Scheduler name and description in the respective text boxes

  4. Select the Domain or Policy on which the scheduler has to check for Non-Enrolled and fresh users

  5. Select how periodically you want the scheduler to run. You can choose to run it Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Hourly

  6. Type in the mail subject and content that has to be sent to the Non-Enrolled and Fresh users in the respective textboxes

  7. Click on save to create and run the scheduler


Configuring Access URL:


If you want to use a generalized, user understandale URL in the enrollment notification message, then please configure access URL. Click here for the steps to configure access URL.

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