Force Enrollment using Logon Script:


An administrator can configure Force Enrollment to users in the domain, or users who are part of the Password Policy.  Configuring Force Enrollment allows ADSelfService Plus to search for non-enrolled users and associate their accounts with a Logon Script, which prompts them to enroll whenever they log in to the network

  1. Click on Configuration -->>Administrative Tools -->> Quick Enrollment -->>Force Enrollment using Logon Script.

  2. Provide a check against the "Enable Force Enrollment" option

  3. In the "Message To Be Conveyed" textbox, specify the message for the 'Non-Enrolled Users'

  4. Specify the "Server Access URL For Enrollment" - URL  configured for accessing  the server - in the respective textbox

  5. Select the 'Desired Policy (s)' (Policies to which enrollment should be forced)

  6. Configure the Scheduler (in order  to search for the non-enrolled users  &  assign their accounts with the "Logon Script" )

  7. Options available for Scheduling are:

    • Daily

    • Weekly (specify the Day)

    • Monthly (specify the Date)

    • Hourly  

    Select any one of the above mentioned options
  1. Select the "Time" - at which the notification would be displayed - from the drop-down list box

  2. Click on "Save" to store the configured setting.

The default location for the 'Logon Script'(ADSelfService_Enroll.hta) is the 'SYSVOL' folder.

In some cases, the 'ADSelfService_Enroll.hta' might not be stored in the 'SYSVOL', owing to some permission issues concerning the Domain Controller. Under such circumstances, make sure to 'copy & paste' the 'ADSelfService_Enroll.hta' ( located at <ADSelfService Plus Installation Directory>\Bin ) onto the 'SYSVOL' folder.


Manually Configure Forced Enrollment for a Select Set of Users

You can also manually enforce enrollment for a select set of users instead of automatically enforcing it on all users in a self-service policy. To do this, you need to manually add an entry in the 'ADSelfService_Enroll.hta' file.
Steps To Be Followed:


(i) Go to <ADSelfService Plus Installation Directory>\Bin folder and locate the script file 'ADSelfService_Enroll.hta'.

(ii) Open the file in a text editor and locate the property postData.

(iii) Add "&manualScript=true" at the end as shown below:
postData = "user=" + objNetwork.UserName + "&domainFlatName=" + objNetwork.UserDomain + "&domainDNSName=" +strdns + "&manualScript=true"

(iv) To allow users to close the enrollment request pop-up, append "&forceEnroll=false" to the manualScript tag in the above step. Check the below code for reference:
postData = "user=" + objNetwork.UserName + "&domainFlatName=" + objNetwork.UserDomain + "&domainDNSName=" +strdns + "&manualScript=true&forceEnroll=false"

(v) Save the file and apply the script to users through group policies.

Note: When you apply this script to users through group policies, users will be forced to enroll for password self-service even if you haven't created any schedulers for "Force Enrollment using Logon Script" option in the product.


Already Using A Logon Script?

The ‘Force Enrollment logon script’ is compatible with any type of logon script that may be running in your system already. In case of “already using a logon script”, you have to follow the steps stated below:

Steps To Be Followed:


(i) If the logon script is a batch file
Add the following line at the end of your logon script
path = "<ScriptPath>"
start /d %path% ADSelfService_Enroll.hta

(ii) If the logon script is a vb script
Add the following lines at the end of your logon script
Set objShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
path = "<ScriptPath>"
Set objShell = nothing

Note: Replace <ScriptPath> with the location of ADSelfService_Enroll.hta

Customizing the logon script

‘Force Enrollment logon script’ can be customized with alternate window size and texts to suit your organizational needs.

Steps To Be Followed:

  1. Open ADSelfService_Enroll.hta with wordpad or Notepad++ or any other text editor (not Notepad)
  2. Changing the size of the popup dialog
    To change the initial width of the dialog, find the text initialX = 500 and change the value 500 to any desired value
    To change the initial height of the dialog, find the text initialY = 150 and change the value 150 to any desired value
    To change the width of the dialog after the Enroll button is pressed, find the text (screen.width * 0.75) and change the value 0.75 to any desired value
    To change the height of the dialog after the Enroll button is pressed, find the text (screen.height * 0.75) and change the value 0.75 to any desired value
  3. To change the texts shown in popup dialog window, find the text ----------------customizable texts start--------------------- and change the texts below, to your requirement.

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