Client Software Installation From The ADSelfService Plus Console:

It is possible to perform "Bulk Installation of the Client Software" onto the user machines (of the entire domain (or) the selected computers) from a centralized ADSelfService Plus console.

The two different methods used for such a "Client Software Installation" are:

  1. Domain Based Installation
  2. Organizational Unit(OU) Based Installation

Domain Based Installation:

  1. Navigate to Configuration → Administrative Tools --→ GINA/Mac/Linux (Ctrl+Alt+Del) → GINA/Mac/Linux Installation
  2. Click "New Installation"
  3. Select "Domain" from the drop down list
  4. Select the computers from the available list
  5. Clicking on "Operating Systems" will let you choose the specific version of operating system (Windows OS or Mac OS) to install the client software.
  6. Click "Install"

Organizational Unit(OU) Based Installation:

  1. Click on "Configuration → Administrative Tools → Gina/Mac/Linux (Ctrl+Alt+Del) --> GINA/Mac/Linux Installation"
  2. Click on "New Installation"
  3. "Select Domain" from the Drop Down list
  4. Click on "OU Based Filter"(present at the top right corner)
  5. Select "List View" or "Tree View" to view the List of Organizational Units (OUs) in the Domain
  6. Check against the desired "OU" and click on "Get Computers"
  7. This will 'display' the 'list of computers' in the selected OU
  8. Check against the 'desired computers'.
  9. Clicking on "Operating Systems" will let you choose the specific version of operating system (Windows OS or Mac OS) to install the client software.
  10. Click "Install"

The Installation process would be completed in a short time and the message "Process Is Completed" would be displayed. Click on "OK" button to return to the GINA/Mac/Linux installation screen.

Import Computers:

The "Import Computers" link is used to import computers via CSV file for the purpose of "Client Software " installation.

To import computers for "Client Software" installation

View Installed Machines:

All the "Client Software" installed machines are listed under the "Installed Machines" tab. To view all the"Client Software Installed Machines" in the Domain

View Error Occurred Machines:

Error might occur while installing the "Client Software".The computers that are subjected to such errors are listed under the "Error Occurred Machines" tab.

To list all the "Error Occurred Machines" in the Domain

Remove / Re-install Client Software :

"Export " & "Printable View" Options:

The "Export As"option is used to export the list of "Client Software Installed' & 'Error Occurred" computers in different file formats like CSV,HTML,PDF & XLS. This process is usually carried out for auditing purposes. "The Printable View" option is used to preview the printable version of the "Client Software Installation" feature.

Note: You have the option of performing a quick search for "filtering and finding the desired computers" using the "Quick Search" option instead of going through all the computers one by one.


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