Gina/Mac Customization:


'GINA/Mac Customization' is a feature of ADSelfService Plus which assists you in revamping the 'GINA/Mac' layout based on your requirements. Using this feature,aspects like the 'Gina/Mac icon' and the 'Text on & above the Reset/Unlock button' can be customized.


Steps To Be Followed Inorder To Customize The Gina/Mac :

  1. Click on 'Configuration → Administrative Tools → Gina/Mac (Ctrl + Alt + Del) → Gina/Mac Customization'.

  2. In the 'Frame Text' textbox,enter the 'appropriate text' (which will 'Direct the User' to click on the 'Reset/Unlock' button).The default text is 'Please Click On Reset/Unlock Button to reset/unlock your account with ADSelfService Plus'.

  3. Note: 'Frame Text' is used only in Windows XP systems. It will not be visible in systems running Windows Vista and later OSs and Mac OS X.

  4. Follow it up by 'Configuring the Text' for the 'Reset/Unlock Button'(the text which will be displayed on the 'Reset/Unlock Button').

  5. To select the 'Icon' for the 'Gina/Mac feature',click on 'Browse' & select the 'desired icon' (Only BMP files (with size 48 * 48) can be used as the 'Gina/Mac Icon')

  6. On Windows machines, there will be a separate tile other than the "Reset/Unlock link" from which Reset/Unlock operations can be carried out. By default it will be shown. To hide the tile, uncheck the "Show Reset Password tile on logon prompt" checkbox.

  7. Specify the 'Name of the Machine' where the ADSelfService Plus has been installed in the 'Server Name' textbox

  8. Provide the 'Port Number' in the respective box.Declare the port number in 'HTTP' mode (also compatible with the 'HTTPS' mode)

  9. Click on 'Save' to store the configured settings.

  • Only the 'Future Gina/Mac Installations' will be affected by this 'Gina/Mac Customization' process

  • For an already 'Deployed Gina/Mac',customization can be done with the help of the 'Gina/Mac Customization Scheduler'


Configuring Access URL:


If you are using a reverse proxy for ADSelfService Plus server or have blocked direct access to the ADSelfService Plus server for end-users, then please configure access URL. Click here for the steps to configure access URL.


Password Rules Dialog Box:


You can choose to display all the enforced password policy rules in a separate dialog box in the Windows password change (Ctrl+Alt+Del) screen and help users create strong passwords for their accounts.

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