GINA/Mac/Linux customization

To customize the password reset/account unlock button, button text, and the frame text, follow the steps given below.
  1. Go to the  Configuration → Administrative Tools → GINA/Mac/Linux (Ctrl+Alt+Del).
  2. Select GINA/Mac/Linux Customization. 
  3. Upload the icon in the Icon field
  4. Update the button and frame text to show it in the logon screen.
  5. Configure Acces URL in case of hosting ADSelfService Server behind proxy server.
  6. gina-mac-customization
  7. Enter the  Access URL.
    Note: If you are using a reverse proxy for ADSelfService Plus server or have blocked direct access to the ADSelfService Plus server for end-users, then please configure Access URL. Click here for the steps to configure access URL.
  8. Click  Save.
  9. Note:
    • Only BMP files (with size 48 * 48) can be used as the GINA/macOS/Linux icon. 
    • Only the future GINA/macOS/Linux OS installations will be affected. 
    • Run the customization scheduler to customize the already configured GINA/macOS/Linux OS installations. 

Configuring GINA Advanced Settings

  1. Select Show Reset Password/Unlock Account Link , to show Reset Password/Unlock Link in the logon screen.
  2. Select Show Reset Password/Unlock Account Tile , to show Reset Password/Unlock Tile in the logon screen.
  3. Select Restrict user access when there is an invalid SSL certificate , to allow the self-service server from GINA Logon agent when using invalid SSL certificate.
  4. Choose the way to install the GINA machine using sAMAccountName or dNSHostName.
  5. Select Display the enforced password rules to show the password policy rules in the dialog view when user tries to perform GINA/CP screen


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