Gina/Mac Schedulers:


The 'GINA/Mac Schedulers' is a feature of ADSelfService Plus using which you can create 'Schedulers' for the GINA/Mac 'Installation & Customization'.


'GINA/Mac Schedulers' are used to automate the 'GINA/Mac installation' process over a domain.During manual installation of GINA/Mac,it is possible that a few computers might be left uninstalled (due to some technical issues).To elude such sticky situations,the 'Scheduling' process is deployed - which ensures that all the computers within a domain get installed with the 'GINA/Mac' client software .


To re-configure an already deployed GINA/Mac,the 'Customization Scheduler' feature is used.


Steps To Be Followed Inorder To Configure The GINA/Mac Schedulers:

  1. Select 'Configuration Administrative Tools --> Gina/Mac (Ctrl + Alt + Del ) --> GINA/Mac Schedulers'

  2. Click on the 'Edit' icon (inorder to alter the default settings of the 'GINA/Mac Installation (or) Customization' scheduler)

  3. Select the 'Domain'(for which the Scheduler is to be configured)

  4. For OU based selection,click on the 'Add OUs' link & Select the 'Desired OU(s)'

  1. Set the 'Frequency for the Schedulers' Options available for scheduling are:

  2. Daily

  3. Weekly ( specify the Day )

  4. Monthly ( specify the Date)

  5. Hourly

Select any one of the above mentioned options.

  1. Set the 'Time' at which the 'Scheduling' would occur

  2. Click on 'Save' to store the configured settings.

You can Enable/Disable the 'GINA/Mac scheduler' using the 'Enable/Disable' icon





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