Safe-Guard Inactive Account Loopholes


Inactive accounts have always been a nuisance while managing user accounts. You cannot discard the information pertaining to these inactive accounts since there is always a possibility of these users returning back to the application.


Maintaining such inactive accounts might lead to various problems with the issue of 'License Management' topping the list.


To counteract the problems that arise from the such Inactive User Accounts,the ADSelfService Plus application provides you with a feature by name 'Restrict Inactive Users'.


Restrict Inactive Users:


Using this feature,you can strip the licenses of the Inactive Users and provide it to the newly added accounts of this application.


Besides effective License Management,this feature provides you with the option of 'restricting inactive users' from logging into this application.


ADSelfService Plus brings about the process of 'restricting inactive users' without discarding the information pertaining to their accounts. For more on Restricting Inactive Users and its configuration click here.


This application provides you - the administrator - with the rights to change the status of these 'Inactive Accounts'.


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