Advanced Self-Update Layout Options


The 'Advanced' settings for Self-Update provides additional options for an administrator. Under Advanced settings, administrators can configure 'Photo Updation' options and 'Force users to self-update' their information.

To configure Advanced settings of Self-Update:

  1. Navigate to Configuration --> Administrative Tools --> Self-Update Layout

  2. Click [] Advanced settings of the layout that you want to edit

  3. Select 'Enable Users to perform Photo Updation' option to allow employees to upload their photo. The following conditions pertaining to photo updation can be set:

    • Photo Attribute - You can choose whether to store the photo in 'thumbnailPhoto' or 'jpegPhoto' attribute
    • Size
    • Dimension
    • Extension
  4. Select 'Force users to update mandatory fields when they log in to the end-user portal' to ensure users update the required information when they log in to ADSelfService Plus.

  5. Click Done to save the settings