Automatic Password Reset and Account Unlock


The "Automation" tab provides you with the following features:

  1. Automatic Reset & Unlock

  2. Run Custom Script Upon Successful Password Reset/Change

  3. Update Reset Passwords and Account Unlock status on all Domain Controllers


Automatic Reset & Unlock:


The Automatic Reset & Unlock feature provides three options to choose from. You can either choose one or all of the options provided here.

Automatically Reset Domain Users' Passwords When They Expire


Choosing this option will bring into focus several other underlying options which assist you(admin) to create a scheduler to automatically 'reset the passwords' of the end-users'


Steps Involved In Resetting A Domain User's Password :

  1. Enable the "Automatically resets domain users' passwords when they expire" checkbox.

  2. Select the type of "Password Reset Scheduler" from the available options.

  3. The available options are : DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY, HOURLY

Choose the option that suits your requirement.

Click 'Password Reset Scheduler Features' to view the configuration of the above mentioned options..

  1. Set the "Reset The Password To" an entity that will serve as the "New Password"

  2. Click on "OK" to save the settings

    Password Reset Scheduler Features:


    Daily - using this option, a user's password can be reset on "daily basis".You (admin) would have to mention the "time"(using the AT drop-down box) at which this password reset process will take place.

    The "new password" which is to be assigned to the user should be specified in the "Reset The Password To" textbox. The usual practice is to reset the password to the user's logon name.

    Weekly - This feature provides you the option of resetting the user's password on "weekly basis".You have to 'choose the day' at which the password would be reset.

    As mentioned above,the 'time and the new password' also have to be specified for this feature to be deployed onto the end-users.

    Monthly - To reset a user's password on monthly basis,you can use the "MONTHLY" option. Here you have to 'specify the date at which the password would be changed,along with the time & the new password'.

    Hourly - Choosing this option would enable you (admin) to reset the user's password on "hourly basis".The time intervals at which the password would be reset has to be specified in "Once In Every" drop-down box. Along with this,you would have to 'specify the new password' which is going to be assigned to the user.

Automatically Unlock Locked-Down Accounts In Your Domain


Choosing this option would automatically unlock the 'locked down user accounts'.Therefore,by checking this option,you would prevent the user from going through the hassle of 'remembering the date at which his/her account would get locked up'.

Steps Involved In Unlocking A User's Account In A Domain:

  1. Enable the "Automatically Unlocks Locked Down Accounts In Your Domain" checkbox.

  2. Select the type of "Account Unlock Scheduler" from the options available.

  3. The available options as shown below:


Configuring the above mentioned options involves the same steps as in configuring the "reset password scheduler"; the only difference is that there is no need for specifying the "new password" as you are dealing with unlocking of the user accounts.

  1. Choose the appropriate fields required for the respective option chosen.

  2. Click on "OK" to save the settings


Text/Mail Auto Generated Password to End-User:


You have to enable this checkbox in order to dispatch the newly created passwords ( via. Automatically Reset Password feature) to the end-user accounts.

Run Custom Script Upon Successful Password Reset/change:


As the name suggests,this feature,when enabled,would run a script relevant to 'successful password reset/change operation'.

You - as the administrator - are provided with the rights to configure the Script that would be displayed when the user 'resets/changes' his password.


Update Reset Passwords and Account Unlock status on all Domain Controllers:


Enabling this option would update the current status of the user 'passwords & accounts' on all domain controller machines.


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