Acknowledgement notifications will be sent via email, SMS, or push notifications to users and administrators when they perform any of the actions listed below:
  1. Self-service password reset.
  2. Self-service account unlock.
  3. Change Password.
  4. Enroll with ADSelfService Plus.
  5. Self directory update.
  6. Account is blocked with ADSelfService Plus.

The Notification feature wards off security threats like man-in-the-middle attacks by communicating directly with the user.

Note: Before using this feature, make sure either the email server or the mobile server is configured. If either of the servers are not configured, click the Click Here to Configure link and configure the necessary server
In this section, you can configure ADSelfService Plus to:
  1. Send notifications to users.
  2. Send notifications to admins.

Send notifications to users

You can send notifications to users by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the Notification tab.
  2. Navigate to the operation(s) for which the user will receive acknowledgement notifications.

    Note: It's always preferable to enable acknowledgement notifications for all six actions.


  3. Select the Notify option beside the method of notification (SMS, email, or push notifications).

    Important: Push notifications cannot be configured for self-directory update operation.

  4. Enter an appropriate Subject and Message.
  5. Click OK.

Send notifications to users

You can choose to send notifications to admins when users perform any of the six actions mentioned above.

Follow the steps below to enable admin notifications:

  1. Click on the Notification tab.
  2. Navigate to the operation(s) for which the admin will receive acknowledgement notifications.
  3. Notification-Admin

  4. Click Notify Admin at the bottom left corner of the Notification tab.
  5. Enter an appropriate Email ID,Subject and Message.
  6. Click OK.

ADSelfService Plus also allows for the creation of requests in ServiceDesk Plus when users perform any of the six listed actions in order to keep track of users' activities and follow up on them if needed

How to create a request in ServiceDesk Plus

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