ADSelfService Plus allows you to send acknowledgements to users and administrators when end-users perform any of the following actions:

Follow the steps listed to send notifications to:


To notify users:

  1. Click the desired tab: Reset Password (or) Unlock Account (or) Change Password (or) Enrollment (or) Self Update (or) Blocked User.

  2. Check the Notify check-box against the channel through which you would like to send out notifications. The different available options are email, SMS and push notifications.
    Note: Push Notifications are not available for self-update actions carried out by users.

  3. Enter appropriate text into the subject and message fields.

  4. Click OK to save them.


To notify administrators:

In this section, you can choose to mail the administrator when users self-service their passwords. You can also create a request in ServiceDesk Plus when users perform any self-service actions. This helps administrators to keep track of all self-service actions performed by users with the help of a help-desk solution.

Mail Admin the users' actions:

  1. Click the Notify Admin tab

  2. Check the Mail Admin the User's Action check box.You will be able to enter the mail addresses of the administrators to be notified, and the "subject" and "message" fields.

  3. Type in the desired message and click OK to save them.


To create a request in ServiceDesk Plus:

To link ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus with ADSelfService Plus, follow the steps given here. After you have linked the products, perform the following steps to create a request in ServiceDesk Plus when users perform any self-service actions using ADSelfService Plus.

  1. Click the Notify Admin tab

  2. Check the Create request in ServiceDesk Plus check box.

  3. Specify the attributes of the request and enter them in JSON format.


    "operation": {
    "details": {
    "requester": "%displayName%",
    "subject": "%action%",
    "description": "%action%,
    "technician": "ADSSP Technician",
    "status": "open"
  4. Click OK to save them.

To learn more about the different attributes that can be used to create a request, follow the below steps:

  • Configuration of a mail server/modem is a must in order to access this service. If not configured , click the "click here to configure" link available in this feature.

  • Messages provided in the text boxes can be modified as desired. Notifications can be sent to users by addressing them with any of the listed LDAP attributes.  This list can be viewed on clicking on the "Macros" link.

  • %givenName%,

  • %sn%,

  • %initials%,

  • %displayName%,

  • %userPrincipalName%,

  • %sAMAccountName%,

  • %mail%,

  • %distinguishedName%

  • %actions% - This macro lets you specify the kind of operation that the user has performed, i.e., Reset Password, Unlock Account and Change Password.



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